I forgot to give this update but had to share.  In May, we had quite an accident at our house.  We had some friends over to make pizzas in our gas oven pizza oven on our patio.  It was the first time we were to use this.  Larry and our friend Aaron went out to get the oven started.  They tried three times with no success to get things started.  On the fourth try, the entire oven blew resulting in the entire ceiling falling on Larry and Aaron.  Courtney and I were in the kitchen and heart a huge boom (like a bomb) and felt the explosion as it shook the entire house.  Luckily everyone was ok, Aaron receiving a minor cut on his head.  We had neighbors coming into our house, expecting to find someone seriously injurred.  it was felt 6 houses down from us.  Someone was definitely looking out for us. 

Flash forward to now, the patio is fixed however, we are still fighting with the insurance company and landlords to have them replace our patio dining set, iphone and BBQ that was ruined.  They claim is was user error that we “must have left the gas on too long and it built up.”  Note to the insurance people, IT IS A GAS OVEN – THE GAS HAS TO BE ON!  and everyone else just says “Welcome to Africa!”  I’m still fighting on principal and with any luck, I’ll get the amount to replace our things in the next couple of week. Here’s to wishful thinking…




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